By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz  |  Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Parshas Lech Lecha opens with one of the ten nisyonos Avrohom Avinu confronted. Nisyonos are commonly translated as tests or challenges. Avrohom was confronted by ten of them and earned the title of Avinu by passing each test and overcoming the challenges.

We first learn the parshiyos of Bereishes as children and too often retain a juvenile perspective on them into adulthood. In truth, every posuk and every tale is layered with deep meaning.
By Tzvi Yaakovson  |  Wednesday, October 29, 2014
“The levayah will take place tonight at Shamgar….” This is a sentence we have all heard or seen - on the phone, in emails, and from the loudspeakers blaring in the streets of Yerushalayim - hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of times. In Yerushalayim, the deceased are buried on the day of their passing. Consequently, it is only on rare occasions that a funeral is announced in the daily newspapers, as is the case elsewhere in the world. In general, the news travels via word of mouth, via the notices plastered on short notice in the appropriate locations, and via the loudspeaker mounted on the roof of a car that makes its way through the chareidi neighborhoods of the city, particularly the neighborhood where the deceased lived.
By Rabbi Yossi Rosenberg  |  Wednesday, October 29, 2014
One of the oldest tactics used by merchants to lure potential customers into their stores or establishments, or into checking out their merchandise, is called the “bait and switch” tactic. This is a none-too-honest method wherein the seller makes a claim to such an outstanding bargain or attractive sale that potential customers are pulled to the seller like photographers for sensationalist papers are pulled to an accident site.
By Chaim Bashevkin  |  Wednesday, October 29, 2014
It is only a tiny bug
Your eye just cannot see
But it is scaring all the men
Who work down in DC

They say it comes from Africa
But those men do not know
Who really sent this mighty bug
And tells it where to go
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