Chinuch RoundTable

Readers submit chinuch questions to a panel of renown educators

This week's question:


I As parents of children who have gone through the yeshiva system, we have found that, often, the children are taught things that run contrary to our practice at home. For example, one of our sons was taught that it is a minhag shtus, a senseless custom, not to sit in a sukkah on Shemini Atzeres. Our family follows the long held Chassidishe minhag of not sitting in the sukkah on Shemini Atzeres. One of our daughters was taught matters pertaining to tznius that were against the practice of her mother and sisters. Frankly, we were resentful toward the schools for interfering in what we do at home.


The question for the panel is, while obviously it is the duty of a yeshiva to teach proper halacha, at what point is it not the purview of the yeshiva to teach matters of debatable halacha or minhag that may run counter to that which is taught or practiced at home?

For the response, see this week's printed edition.

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