Chinuch RoundTable

Readers submit chinuch questions to a panel of renown educators

This week's question:


We are making our first bar mitzvah in a few months. Some of my friends and neighbors have been telling me about certain tefillin battim and parshiyos, from highly regarded sofrim, that are the most mehudar.

The amount of money that some of my colleagues are spending on tefillin can reach $3,000, while the ones we ordered cost $1,250, which is what we could afford. When our son asked me how much his tefillin cost, I told him $1,250 and he seemed a little disappointed.


We have two questions for the panel. One, should we be spending more on tefillin, which are a long-term investment and which might show our son how choshuv his tefillin are, despite our own limitations? Two, if you suggest staying within our means, how should we explain it to our son in a way that he will be proud of his tefillin?

For the response, see this week's printed edition.

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