Chinuch RoundTable

Readers submit chinuch questions to a panel of renown educators

This week's question:

            Boruch Hashem, my children attend a wonderful yeshiva and are benefitting from an exemplary chinuch. There is one practice that I see throughout the grades that makes me very uncomfortable.

            Often, teachers and/or the administration announce the names of the students who received the top scores on a test. In my seventh grade son’s class, the best tests are hung up and the boys who receive the top scores on certain tests are displayed on a computerized screen for the whole junior high school to see. 

            In my daughter’s class, the principal walked in to return their first Chumash tests and asked the class if anyone would mind is she announced the top score. (My daughter raised her hand. She was afraid it might be her.) 

            My first-grade son came home in tears because he really wanted to get 100 on a math test, and when the teacher announced the hundreds, he was not one of them. (He got one problem wrong.)

            I imagine that the reason to announce scores is to motivate all the students to try their best. I feel that there is much more harm done than good when scores are made public.

            What does the panel feel about publicizing test scores?

For the response, see this week's printed edition.

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