Chinuch RoundTable

Readers submit chinuch questions to a panel of renown educators

This week's question:

The school that I send my children to is requesting/demanding that parents pay money towards a building fund ($1,800 per family).

            I am currently unable to pay this. I live within my modest means, with one old vehicle, an unpainted house, second-hand clothing, and a family that doesn't go on vacations. There are no corners to cut. We are, boruch Hashem, not in any debt.

            We do, however, make sure that all the children's tuition is a priority and paid up to date.   

            It's very nice that the school went and built a beautiful building to house our precious children, but if I make sure to stay within my means, why can’t they? It would be cheaper for the school to rent a building, or first raise the necessary funds from those wealthy enough to afford it. 

            I also question whether families with only one child in the school should be paying the same building fund fee as those with multiple children.

            I would appreciate any clarity or insight.

For the response, see this week's printed edition.

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